Arthion Brightwood

Half-elf Grave Cleric who probably has no business adventuring. Tribble Whisperer


Them Statz

HP: 9
AC: 16
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30 ft

STR: 14 | +2
DEX: 17 | +3
CON: 16 | +1
INT: 13 | +3
WIS: 18 | +4
CHA: 12 | +1

Saving Throws: Wisdom: +6, Charisma: +3
Proficient skillz: Arcana: +5, History: +5, Investigation: +5, Medicine: +6, Perception: +6, Religion: +5

Languages: Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Abyssal, Celestial (nerd boy incoming)

Armor & Weapon proficiency: all armor, shields, simple weapons


mace, spear, shield (+2 AC), leather armor, holy symbol (gold skull charm), explorer’s pack, black ink, quill, small knife, common clothes, a letter


Fey Ancestry: advantage against being charmed, can’t be put to sleep by magic
Darkvision: can see in dim light or darkness within 60 ft
Circle of Mortality: when he heals someone at 0 hit points, any dice roll their maximum result. can cast spare the dying as a bonus action
Eyes of the Grave: can detect any undead within 1 mile, can detect distance, location and number of them
Researcher: if he doesn’t know some information, he immediately knows where and from who he can get it. again: NERD BOY


Call him Art, never Artie.

Arthion Brightwood

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